“Our party’s current ideological objection to any form of nuclear power seems directly contradictory to our mantra that we ‘can’t compromise on the climate’. Whilst everybody in the party would love to achieve the theoretical bliss of 100% renewables, existing technological deficiencies in storage means this is not a viable policy – for now.

The party is absolutely right in committing to decommissioning all remaining fossil fuel production as soon as possible, but this means we have to utilise all carbon-neutral energy resources, including, temporarily, nuclear power. The evidence from Germany demonstrates the risk of withdrawing nuclear power to early – it has meant more coal is being burnt instead, thereby exacerbating the anthropogenic greenhouse effect, pushing us further towards an unhospitable climate.

So, are we going to do ‘Whatever it Takes’ as the party leadership loves to claim, or are we going to let the climate descend into breakdown because of a dogmatic rejection of a safe, clean energy resource?”

Josh Morris-Blake – GPEW member

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