We are in a climate emergency, so let’s start with dispensing with the financial arguments for a moment and ask ourselves if gambling on a 100% renewable energy solution that requires further technological advancement is worth the risk?

Nuclear energy has the potential to transform our energy production from one reliant on fossil fuels and imports to a low carbon exporting asset worth billions. Furthermore, the value of nuclear power to industry is enormous, from being a global lead in green steel, to production of hydrogen for transport sector, to supply of radioisotopes for the medical sector.

The Green Party must reconsider its opposition to nuclear energy in light of the urgency with which we much decarbonise our energy, manufacturing, and transport sectors. The consequences of waiting for a 100% renewable energy solution that may be decades away from being deliverable is simple too big a risk.”

Mark Bray-Parry, GPEW member, Guildford

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